Going Beyond Policies to Protect LGBTQI+ Employees

Going Beyond Policies to Protect LGBTQI+ Employees

WORK180Aug 16, 2020

Strong inclusion and diversity policies can play a vital role in making sure employees feel safe and confident in the workplace. But due to the numerous barriers that the LGBTQI+ community often face, HR teams must go beyond policies and procedures to ensure their employees are kept feeling supported.

What do we mean by going beyond policies and procedures? We mean listening and then working with your LGBTQI+ employees to provide the exact support they need, which is what Linus Bourque says VMware does for him.

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Linus Bourque, Principal Instructor - VMware

1. As someone from the LGBTQI+ community, what would make you feel more comfortable to be open in the workplace and what could your employer do to make you feel safe to do so?

I'm pretty open to begin with and haven't faced any internal discrimination.

The PRIDE@VMware Power of Difference (POD) community. PODs are employee-led and company supported groups at VMware. My direct manager, Damian Wraa, has always been supportive and encouraged all members of my team to join the PODs. To this he's also encouraged us to participate wherever we can.

2. Tell us about a time when you felt truly supported and/or included in your workplace.

I traveled to an onsite work meeting in North Carolina, USA after the state had instituted a new bathroom law where peoples’ IDs could be checked to see if the gender on their ID matched the gender-specific bathroom they were entering. Since my ID still reflects my birth gender, this could have been problematic for me (with a full beard and all).

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3. What does your employer have in place to support LGBTIQ+ employees in the workplace?

VMware is creating a workplace in which their employees feel safe, secure, and supported. Want to find out more? Why not also read our insightful interview with VMware’s Spokesperson and Senior Solutions Engineer, Lode Vermeiren.

Want to learn more about VMware’s support for its LGBTQI+ community? Why not also read our insightful interview with VMware’s Spokesperson and Senior Solutions Engineer, Lode Vermeiren.

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