How to Attract, Nurture, and Support LGBTQI+ Employees

How to Attract, Nurture, and Support LGBTQI+ Employees

WORK180Aug 14, 2020

From how companies can attract and nurture LGBTQI+ employees, to the special moment his Discover team made him feel truly supported, the interview is an insightful read for all employers and colleagues wanting to be true allies. Thanks, Chris!

As one of WORK180’s Endorsed Employers, we were keen to find out how Discover Financial Services ensures its workforce feels safe and supported to be themselves and thrive in the workplace — particularly its LGBTQI+ employees, for whom being completely open can be notoriously more difficult. So who better to ask than Chris Crosby, the Team Leader in the Charge Verification and a proud member of the LGBTQI+ community?

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Chris Crosby, Team Leader in the Charge Verification - Discover Financial Services

1. As someone from the LGBTQI+ community, what would make you feel more comfortable to be open in the workplace and what could your employer do to make you feel safe to do so?

For me what makes me feel more comfortable is having an employer who embraces the community and makes the employee feel as though they can be themselves. That can be with providing events on site, benefit information and celebrating the accomplishments of the LGBTQI+ community. For feeling safe, making sure they are sharing resources that are specialized for the community.

2. Tell us about a time when you felt truly supported and/or included in your workplace

For me a time when I felt truly supported was when the ability for LGBT to marry was passed. During that moment was a unified time where the entire company was happy and in support of equal rights for this group of employees.

Multiple employees walked up to me and expressed their excitement and led with congratulations. The company also sent out a company wide email showing support. Reading that email allowed me to know that I made the right choice for an employer.

3. When looking for a job, do you look at what companies are doing to support LGBTQI+ employees before you apply and if so, does this impact your decision to apply for a job?

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4. What does your employer have in place to support LGBTQI+ employees in the workplace?

For Discover, we have our PRIDE employee relations group. This group is the hub where all who identify or support the LGBTQI+ community by being involved with events or sharing experiences and learning about the history of this community.

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