The Importance of Diverse Leaders and Doing the Little Things

The Importance of Diverse Leaders and Doing the Little Things

WORK180Aug 14, 2020

What makes a positive workplace in which LGBTQI+ employees can truly thrive? We reached out to Tyrone Webb Jr. to learn from his experience as Head of Global Field Communications at SAP SuccessFactors — a workplace actively providing support to their LGBTQI+ employees and allies around the world.

From suggesting further steps his employer could take to inspire him in his career, to sharing how his colleagues make him feel completely comfortable, Tyrone’s answers were open, honest, and insightful. So whether you’re an employer looking to instill confidence in your LGBTQI+ community or a colleague looking to learn how to be a supportive ally, be sure to read on.

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Tyrone Webb, Jr., Head of Global Field Communications - SAP SuccessFactors - SAP

1. As someone from the LGBTQI+ community, what would make you feel more comfortable to be open in the workplace and what could your employer do to make you feel safe to do so?

Personally, I would like to see more LGBTQI+ leaders across the SAP business. To have someone in a leadership role who I can relate to would be a great addition to SAP and the LGBTQI+ community.

2. Tell us about a time when you felt truly supported and/or included in your workplace

For me, it’s the little things. Tyrone Webb_SAP_Quote_WORK180US_Pride.png

3. When looking for a job, do you look at what companies are doing to support LGBTQI+ employees before you apply and if so, does this impact your decision to apply for a job?

Absolutely, if I ever decide to leave SAP, I want to make sure I am safe at my next employer. I want to bring my true self to work without the fear of being punished for being gay or Black.

4. What does your employer have in place to support LGBTQI+ employees in the workplace?

In addition to the executive leadership support, we have Pride@SAP Chapters throughout the world, USA and virtually to support our LGBTQI+ employees and allies. We work together with our group members and other affinity groups to make SAP a safer environment for all marginalized groups.

This year, in particular, we held our very first Pride@SAP Pride Talks series where a diverse group of LGBTQI employees spoke their truth around their life experiences as a member of the community. The purpose of this series is to engage, inform and inspire our 100,000 employee base to embrace everyone with love and to recognize their bias.

Want to learn more about SAP’s support for their LGBTQI+ community? Why not take a look at our interview with Andy Rubinson, SAP’S Sr. Director of Product Strategy and Co-Lead of Pride@SAP North America.

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