Endorsements and accreditations

Employers who are endorsed by WORK180, have often achieved endorsements and accreditations for other organisations.

WORK180 Endorsed Employer

The WORK180 badges provide employers with a way of clearly communicating to job seekers their commitment to supporting women in the workplace. The WORK180 Endorsed Employer Badge is awarded to employers following a review of their support for policies and benefits including flexible working opportunities and policies on paid parental leave. The Endorsement badge is our highest accreditation, giving women the confidence to apply for roles with your organization knowing you are committed to the ongoing development of policies to support them


Flex Able Certification

The Flex Able Certification enables you to differentiate yourself from other employers. This annual evidence-based review ensures you have made the cultural, structural and technological changes necessary for genuine flexible work arrangements to flourish.


Parental Support Accreditation

For those employers who are on the way to becoming a fully Endorsed Employer, the WORK180 Parental Support Badge shows candidates you are committed to supporting both women and men in starting or growing a family whilst having a career This badge helps candidates to apply for roles knowing you have parental support in place, attracting and retaining more women in your organization.