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Media Coverage in 2019 

Whimn: 5 Modern Men On The Paternity Leave Advice They'd Pay Forward

Women's Agenda: Things in Australian workplaces can improve but it’s not dire

Dynamic Business: Let’s talk: Diversity

Startup Daily: 3 key people who help women succeed in business

Humans of Purpose: Valeria Ignatieva: Supporting Women

The Australian Financial Review: Fast-tracked visas win tech sector support

People Building Business: Apple Podcast: Work180's Valeria Ignatieva | People Building Businesses #6

People Building Business: Spotify: Work180's Valeria Ignatieva | People Building Businesses #6

Whimn: 6 Women Pay Forward The Maternity Leave Advice They Wish They Got

Women's Agenda: Why Australia needs to follow the UK & introduce a bill for flexible work as default

Business Insider Australia: 10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

The World News: As she raised $2.2m, Gemma had one important fact to tell investors

Sydney Morning Herald: As she raised $2.2m, Gemma had one important fact to tell investors

Brisbane Times: As she raised $2.2m, Gemma had one important fact to tell investors

The Age: As she raised $2.2m, Gemma had one important fact to tell investors

Dynamic Business: Let’s talk: Gender equality

Smart Company: Diversity matters: How five tech startups are improving workplace diversity

Women's Agenda: Kim Jackson wins business award, calls for more VC funding for female founders

Balance the Grind: Balancing the grind with Valeria Ignatieva, co-CEO & co-founder of WORK180

Women at Work Podcast: Flexible working with Valeria Ignatieva

Dynamic Business: Let's talk: Investments

Myob: Are you creating a more parent-friendly work culture? 

Media Week: Vogue Codes 2019 expanded program of events being held in four cities

Entrepreneur: Seven Entrepreneurs Share What They Learnt From their Mothers

Trading Places: Action for equality in trades

Whimn: Valeria Ignatieva screens female friendly workplaces so you don't have to

Vogue Australia: How Valeria's search for a flexible workplace turned into a global business venture

Smart Company: “Good enough is not good enough”: Why Roxy Jacenko is wrong about Australian workers

Human Resources Director: How to handle a toxic, yet talented, employee


IDG Connect: Is tech investment sexist?

Tech Talks: Millennials are soooo last century...

Inspire Sport: The changing face of women’s sports

Financial Review: UK targets Aussie tech firms for post-Brexit economy

Commercial Real Estate: How offices are becoming more female friendly

Personnel Today: Men are the winners in UAE gender balance awards

Skills Road: Career Experts Share Their Top Tips For The Perfect Resume

Telco Solutions: Ergonomics of a home office: ensuring productivity in remote workers

Media Coverage in 2018

Smart Company: Insurance, socks and social enterprise: StartupSmart’s 10 startups to watch in 2019

Human Resources Director: What do Australia’s most progressive companies look like?

Engineers Without Borders: Engineering Redefined Report (December 2018)

Recruitment Grapevine: FundApps challenged employers to raise bar for female workers (November 2018)

DiversityQ: Executives Driving Gender Equality – Flexible Working Think Tank (November 2018)

Changing Tech in 2019: Ten predictions from ten leaders in tech (October 2018)

The Sydney Morning Herald: Farquhar, Jackson invest in anti-bias jobs startup (October 2018)

Lawyers weekly: Outcomes, not billing targets, breed productivity for flexible workers (October 2018)

Grow Super: Women + Finance: Christina Smerdon (October 2018)

Mybusiness: Atlassian co-founder funds start-up’s US expansion (September 2018)

Move to Sydney: Atlassian co-founder funds gender equity startup’s US expansion (September 2018)

F-Magazine: WORK180 expands internationally (September 2018)

Startup Daily: Employment startup WORK180 raises $1 million round led by skip capital to expand into US (September 2018)

Smart Company: Recruitment startup WORK180 raises $1 million to accelerate US expansion plans (September 2018)

The Age: Atlassian co-founder funds gender equity startup's US expansion (September 2018)

The Sydney Morning Herald: Atlassian co-founder funds gender equity startup's US expansion (September 2018)

Crunchbase News: As Labor Market Tightens, Benefits Transparency Startup Work180 Raises $1M For U.S. Launch (September 2018)

Microsoft: New job website gives you an inside look at companies before you apply to work there (August 2018)

Cricket Australia's sacking of Angela Williamson: ABC News, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Examiner, Global Voices, The Australian, TEN Daily, Financial Review, Sports Business Daily

Equality Works Group: Gender Equality in Recruitment with Gemma Lloyd (June 2018)

Amazon Web Service: Hot Startups for June 2018: Making Things, WORK180, PortQ (June 2018)

This Woman Can: Request Change Beyond Flexible Working Week (June 2018)

Australian Financial Review (AFR): SEEK, Indeed figures reveal tech talent shortage pushing up wages (June 2018)

Drinks News: Why Your Personal Brand Matters (May 2018)

Heads Over Heels: VALERIA IGNATIEVA & GEMMA LLOYD – WORK180 (May 2018)

Engineers Australia: How QUU CEO Louise Dudley is normalising women in Utilities (April 2018)

World IP Day: Changing the Rules of Workplace Diversity (April 2018)

The Jobs Portal Watch: Australia: Work180 secures $1m for jobs platform that aids the working woman (April 2018)


Women's Agenda: DCC Jobs rebrands as WORK180 & goes international with million-dollar investment (April 2018)


Smart Company: Million-dollar investment helps recruitment startup WORK180 go international (April 2018)

Startup Daily: DCC Jobs raises $1 million seed fund led by Skip Capital, rebrands to WORK180 (April 2018)

The Age/Sydney Morning Herald: Gender equity start-up backed by Atlassian co-founder goes global (April 2018)

BoB Best of Breed: Gemma Lloyd, Co-CEO & Founder, DCC Jobs (March 2018)

Dynamic Business: Let's Talk... Smart Growth (March 2018)

ABC Radio Perth: Saturday Breakfast with Jamie Burnett and Charlotte Hamlyn (March 2018)

The Sydney Morning Herald: High-flying women in their 30s more at risk of mental health issues than men (March 2018)

Southern Cross News Tasmania: Hobart SDD makes it on Southern Cross News (March 2018)

The Mother Load: Superhero Daughter Day (March 2018)

Dynamic Business: Let's Talk... Cash Flow (March 2018)

Talking Lifestyle: Gemma Lloyd joins Rob Duckworth and Mieke Buchan to talk about Superhero Daughter Day (March 2018)

Engineers Australia: Rising to the challenge: promising data shows women engineers most resilient in job market (March 2018)

StartUp Daily: Women leading StartUps on what motivates and inspires them (March 2018) Meet the Thrivher: Gemma Lloyd (March 2018) University of Adelaide hosts Superhero Daughter Day to get girls into science (March 2018)

Dynamic Business: Let's Talk... Starting a Business (February 2018)

Dynamic Business: Let's Talk... Entrepreneurship (February 2018) Amazon has banned managers from asking one common question during interviews (January 2018)

Dynamic Business: Lets talk... Gender Equality (January 2018)

Media Coverage in 2017

Transport, Roads and Maritime Services: Roads and Maritime Services Champions Women in IT (December 2017) The hardest conversation women have with their boss just got a little easier (December 2017)

Inertia Engineering: Brisbane engineering firm acknowledged as a leading employer for women (December 2017) ‘No one should go into work and not be respected’: CEO lifts lid on sexual harassment at work (November 2017)

Engineers Australia: Atlassian aims to set the bar even higher for intersectional gender diversity (November 2017)

Engineers Australia: QLD company setting standard for diversity and inclusiveness (November 2017)

Engineers Australia: Arcadis encouraging flexibility across the business (November 2017)

The Australian: Tackling the gender STEM skills gap in Australia (November 2017)

Engineers Australia: QinetiQ's journey to becoming a DCC-Endorsed Employer (October 2017)

Engineers Australia: Schneider Electric actively working to improve gender diversity (October 2017)

Engineers Australia: Aurecon leading in workplace flexibility (October 2017)

AICD Gender Diversity Progress report: Australian Companies Truly Supporting Gender Equality p.21 (September 2017)

Money Management: What women want from a workplace (September 2017)

Smart Company: How small business can attract and retain the best talent- DCC Jobs cofounder Valeria Ignatieva (September 2017)

Industry Moves: Flexibility is not a dirty word - DCC Jobs CEO Gemma Lloyd (September 2017)

ABC The Drum: Gemma Lloyd - DCC Jobs cofounder (August 2017)

Why 2 Podcast: Gemma Lloyd - From Adversity Diversity to (August 2017)

Australian Financial Review/ Yahoo Finance/ The Business Insider: The go-to interview questions these 28 Australian CEOs always ask job candidates, and why (June 2017)

The Australian: How Flexibility is Integral to Helping Women Progress in the Workplace (June 2017)

Australian Women Online: Women Only Job Site Launches Australia’s First Flexible Working Week (June 2017)

Autopia press release: Autopia joins DCC's Flexible Working Ambassadors Program (June 2017)

Miss Independent Podcast: How To Find A Better Workplace With Gemma Lloyd (June 2017)

QLD Government: Toward Gender Parity Women on Boards Initiative (June 2017)

Women's Agenda: Five Reasons Why Women Should Consider a Career in Tech (May 2017)

TechDiversity Award Winner Profile: Diverse City Careers (May 2017)

Women in Focus: Have you childproofed your career? (May 2017)

Sydney Morning Herald: Devils you know: Workplace Bullying, examples & cases (May 2017)

Huffington Post: Why We Need To Try Harder At Empowering Women In The Workplace (April 2017)

SOMA Magazine (US): The Influencers: Gemma Lloyd and Valeria Ignatieva (April 2017)

Today Tonight: Interview with DCC cofounders Gemma Lloyd and Valeria Ignatieva (April 2017)

The Age/Sydney Morning Herald: Why securing investment can be a challenge for female entrepreneurs (April 2017)

Business Insider: 5 things you need to know in Australian tech today (April 2017)

Western Advocate: Do you want to get a hotel room? Investor made indecent proposal at pitch meeting (April 2017)

7 News: Investor proves business is not usual when you're a woman (April 2017)

Moulis Legal: Diversity Dialogue with Gemma Lloyd (April 2017)

Sky News: Gemma Lloyd, co-founder of Diverse City Careers (DCC) (March 2017)

Women Love Tech: Women Tech Execs: Why We Need To Break Startup World Gender Norms (March 2017)
Australian Financial Review: Boys' clubs still prevalent in tech as women fight against lower pay (March 2017)

ABC Radio: Queensland Women’s Week: Superhero Daughter Day (March 2017)

NZ Radio: Superhero Daughter Day (March 2017)

The Australian: Vic continues Women in Tech push (March 2017)

The Daily Telegraph/The Courier Mail: Male bosses bag 493K more than female counterparts, job data shows (March 2017)

International Women's Day: 2017 Panel Discussion, Cardno Sydney

The Entrepreneur Way Podcast: Just Do It, Whatever It Is, Take The Leap, Don't Procastinate (March 2017)

Queensland Women Week: Interview with Gemma Lloyd (Feb 2017)

This Woman Can: The Work/Life Balance Struggle (Feb 2017)

Business News Australia: How to attract start talent to your business (Feb 2017)

The Mercury: Superhero Daughters challenges teen stereotypes (Feb 2017)

Femeconomy: Why Workplace Flexibility Matters (Jan 2017)

Media Coverage in 2016

Financial Standard: Industry Fund Leads Way for Flexible Workplaces (Dec 2016)

Business Woman Media: 5 Ways to Keep Your Sanity When Working From Home (Dec 2016)

The Business Experiment: Let's Get Real About Diversity in Business - Episode 22 (Nov 2016)

Women's Agenda: How I Handled a Workplace Bully and What I'd Do Differently (Nov 2016)

Nine Honey: Eight Ways to Negotiate a Pay Rise Like a Boss (Nov 2016)

Financy: Girl Shopping For Brands or Jobs? (Nov 2016)

Business News Australia: Diverse City Careers Joins Forces With Femeconomy (Nov 2016)

Startup Smart: The Race is on: Can Australia Achieve Gender Equality in a Decade? (Nov 2016)

Femeconomy: Female Leader, Gemma Lloyd, Diverse City Careers (Oct 2016)

ADCQ: Stories about flexibility at work (October 2016)

Business News Australia: New Accreditation Highlights Flexible Employers (Sep 2016)

Sydney Morning Herald: Gender pay gap: Would you risk your job over a pay rise? (Sep 2016)

Unitywater press release: Unitywater named as an endorsed employer of women (Sep 2016)

BOQ Blog: BOQ & DCC Getting More Women in Finance (Aug 2016)

Huffington Post: Why Diversity Is Not A Dirty Word For Women In Tech Or Trades (July 2016)

Business News Australia: BOQ Gets Nod As Endorsed Employer of Women (June 2016)

Dropbox: The roles we can play in making flexible working the norm (June 2016)

Business Insider: How Australian executives plan ahead for their recruitment needs (May 2016)

Dropbox: How to build a diverse start-up (April 2016)

Women's Agenda: Women get to earn less and pay more: Introducing the 'Sales Gender Gap' (April 2016)

Start Up Daily: DCC partners with Women in Technology to empower women in tech and life sciences (April 2016)

iTWire: Women in Technology, DCC combine resources in IT gender equality push (April 2016)

Leaders in Heels: Gemma and Valeria of DCC on diversity in the workplace (April 2016)

ARN: Women in Technology Queensland partners with DCC (April 2016)

CRN: WiT and DCC partner to improve gender equality (April 2016)

Startup Daily: DCC announce collaboration with SixPivot to advance gender equality in IT (March 2016)

Forbes: Dropbox Gets Serious About Workplace Diversity (Feb 2016)

The Australian: Global cloud storage firm Dropbox is partnering with social enterprise DCC to address the lack of women in technical roles (Feb 2016)

CRN: Superhero Daughter Day to encourage girls into IT (Feb 2016)

Business News Australia: Superheroes turn girls into techies (Feb 2016)

Women's Agenda: These two organisations are joining forces to inspire the next generation of female entrepreneur superheroes (Feb 2016)

StartUp Smart: These two organisations are joining forces to inspire the next generation of female entrepreneur superheroes (Feb 2016)

Startup Smart: Dropbox partnership to drive diversity in startups: “Unless we do this the business is not successful” (Feb 2016)

StartUp Daily: Dropbox partners with DCC to encourage greater diversity in the workplace (Feb 2016)

Women's Agenda: Dropbox partnership to drive diversity in startups (Feb 2016)

ITWire: Dropbox joins initiative on diversity in workplace (Feb 2016)

CRN: Dropbox and Accenture woo female talent with DCC (Feb 2016)

ARN: Dropbox partners with DCC to promote workplace diversity (Feb 2016)

Media Coverage in 2015

The X Ordinary interview: Gemma and Valeria: A new mindset (Dec 2015)

Kochie's Business Builders: DCC Elevator Pitch (Dec 2015)

Startup Daily: Melbourne Startup DCC wants to help close the gender pay gap by promoting jobs at progressive companies (Nov 2015)

ARN: Flexible working and workplace gender diversity is all about productivity (Nov 2015)

ARN: A lack of gender diversity a real issue in the workplace (Oct 2015)

Business Chicks Latte Magazine (Sep 2015)

CRN: EMC, Cisco, Salesforce execs call for gender diversity (July 2015)

CRN: Channel Duo launch women-friendly jobs site with IBM, EMC support (May 2015)