Senior Applied Scientist

Last updated one month ago
Location:Sunnyvale, California
Job Type:Full Time

The Product Ads Algorithm & Infrastructure team in Ads Understanding team is hiring Senior Applied Scientist at Sunnyvale, CA. The team is responsible for product ads selection, relevance, modeling and online infrastructure for serving and experimenting cutting edge algorithms, ranging in natural language processing, information retrieval, computer vision, etc.

The Ads Understanding and Selection team in Bing Ads is responsible for developing scalable analytics solutions and systems in the areas of automatic advertiser campaign generation, effective user targeting, personalized ads selection, ad content and format optimization. The team also works on several new initiatives to improve advertising campaign efficiency and advertiser on-boarding experience, as well as technologies underling novel marketing offerings to leverage the synergy between search and display advertising capabilities.

Online Advertising is one of the fastest growing businesses on the Internet today, with about $70 billion of a $600 billion advertising market already online. Search engines, web publishers, major ad networks, and ad exchanges are now serving billions of ad impressions per day and generating terabytes of user events data every day. The central problem of computational advertising is to select an optimized slate of eligible ads for a user to maximize a total utility function that captures the expected revenue, user experience and return on investment for advertisers.

Bing Ads Relevance and Revenue (RnR) team is at the core of this effort, responsible for research & development of all the algorithmic components in our advertising technology stack, including, - User/query intent understanding, document/ad understanding, user targeting - Relevance modeling, IR-based ad retrieval.

The RnR team is a world-class R&D team of passionate and talented scientists and engineers who aspire to solve challenging problems and turn innovative ideas into high-quality products and services that can help hundreds of millions of users and advertisers, and directly impact our business. Our experimentation infrastructure allows us to innovate and test new algorithms rapidly with live traffic to measure their effectiveness and launch them in production as soon as they produce positive results, which makes our work environment productive and rewarding.


We are looking for a Senior Applied Scientist with R&D background to conduct research and development on intelligent search advertising system to mine and learn actionable insights from large scale data and signals we collect from user queries and online activities, advertiser created campaigns and their performances, and myriad responses from the parties touched by the system in Bing ads paid search ecosystem.

You will play a key role to:

  • Drive algorithmic and modeling improvement to the system (especially using deep learning techniques),
  • Analyze performance and identify opportunities based on offline and online testing
  • Develop and deliver robust and scalable solutions and make direct impact to both user and advertisers experience, and continually increase the revenue for Bing ads.


  • Outstanding expertise and research experience on statistical machine learning, data mining, information retrieval, statistical natural language processing, deep learning, and/or computer vision.
  • Excellent problem solving and data analysis skills.
  • Passionate, self-motivated.
  • Effective communication skills, both verbal and written.
  • Strong software design and development skills/experience.

Experience Required:

  • MS degree in CS/EE or related areas is required. PhD degree is preferred.
  • Familiarity with distributed data processing/analysis and modeling paradigm, such as Map-Reduce and MPI, is preferred.
  • Experience in online advertising is a plus.
  • 3+ years working experience in data mining / machine learning is required