Lead Developer Documentation Engineer (Remote Eligible)

Last updated 6 days ago
Location:San Francisco, California
Job Type:Full Time

Position Description:

There are millions of websites, mobile apps, and API services in the world. A large percentage of these apps require users to register, log in, etc. Okta wants to be the foundation upon which all these apps are built.

Our goal is to become the most used authentication and authorization service for developers worldwide.

To do this, we need your help!

We are looking for a strong, seasoned developer and writer with an eye for developer experience. You will lead as well as be an individual contributor to the Developer Documentation team, which will help in the effort to make Okta an iconic developer brand.

As a Developer Documentation Lead, you will be driving the direction of our developer documentation. We want developers to love and talk about our documentation as a critical resource for:

  • A basic understanding of what Okta is
  • How to integrate an application with Okta for authentication in five minutes or less
  • Deeper learning of all that the Okta Developer Platform has to offer

You will participate in the developer community and be a key strategic advisor to our overall platform business. This role has a significant impact on our bottom line.

Your role on the team will be both to write developer documentation and to direct the activity of the other team members. This is all in an effort to grow and support the documentation as a primary resource for developers. This will entail being an expert in how developers learn and consume documentation. You should be a strong, polyglot developer and writer who is passionate about the latest and greatest approaches to reaching other developers through documentation.

Job Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Create interesting educational content for developers on our documentation site: developer.okta.com/docs
  • Work closely with product management and engineering to ensure that developer.okta.com and our API product is properly represented and easily understood by developers
  • Within Okta, be the developer documentation subject matter expert and champion developer needs and priorities across product, engineering, and marketing
  • Champion Okta’s participation in, and engagement with, the open-source community
  • Use metrics and data to drive activities and priorities

Minimum Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

  • 5+ years’ experience as a developer, developer advocate, or related role working on deeply technical products at leading technology companies
  • Strong technical understanding of REST APIs, HTTP, SDKs, and authentication/authorization protocols (OAuth, OpenID Connect, Basic Auth, ...)
  • Deep understanding of developer communities and how to engage them productively
  • Solid communication skills - a strong technical writer

Okta is an Equal Opportunity Employer.