Principal Software Engineering Manager

Last updated one month ago
Location:Redmond, Washington
Job Type:Full Time

Augmentation Loop is the platform for bringing machine learning and AI-powered features into Office applications, for assisting tens of millions of users every single day, across all major operating systems and form factors. This platform is used today by first-party engineers for building scenarios around text and voice intelligence among others. It comprises of a massive scale service and client components that work together to orchestrate these scenarios.

We are a team that moves fast (and does not break too much). We love to learn. We are unafraid to split with tradition and adopt industry-standard solutions. We embrace open source, sharing, and leveraging the work of others. We listen to and care about our customers. Best of all, we have plenty of meaningful problems waiting for a solution. How do you architect for ultimate pluggability and portability? How do you balance between simplicity and flexibility? How do you build for the future while delivering value today? We are looking for talented engineers to join our family and build those solutions.

You are an engineer with a real passion for building platforms who is ready to step into a leadership role. You have mentored, guided, and supported fellow engineers in the past. You understand the value of a healthy team culture and what it takes to build a successful team. You are well versed in full-stack development and have a good understanding of performance and cross-platform compatibility. You can operate equally well in high level architecture design and in coding the fine details. No task is too small for you and team and product success is paramount. You want to become an integral part of our team leadership and our success.


You are going to manage a team of 5-7 individuals that operate in a few different areas of our product. Members on the team value a manager who prioritizes diversity and inclusion. You will be responsible for mentoring, guiding, and supporting individuals as appropriate to help improve their technical and no-technical skills. You will contribute heavily to architecture design and coding. You will be an integral part of the team leadership and a key contributor to directing our technical investments.


  • 7+ years developing applications, components, or services
  • 2+ years managing (formally or informally) or mentoring other engineers
  • Strong familiarity with full-stack development
  • Familiarity with NodeJS, TypeScript, C/C++
  • Experience working in a large and complex codebase
  • Experience working with internal and external partners