Our Story

During the 10 years I spent in the tech industry, I found there to be two very different workplace structures. One was the archaic 'boys club', where being female meant less money and fewer opportunities. The other valued all employees, regardless of their gender or background. The problem was that despite all my research, there was no way of knowing which one I was talking to when applying for a new job.

I was frustrated and wanted to change the situation not just for me, but also every other woman facing the same challenge. That's when the idea for a jobs site was born. The platform would have strict rules around the kind of jobs it listed, with an emphasis on pay equity, flexible working, women in leadership and paid parental leave. We would ask employers these important questions, then make the information publicly available, so that women would have an insight into the culture of a business before applying to work there.

I called my good friend and ex-work colleague Valeria Ignatieva. Being a single parent with a career, Valeria knew the problem well and immediately offered to help make my idea a reality. Within a matter of weeks, WORK180 was live.

At a time when diversity in the workplace was becoming recognized as being both fair AND good for the bottom line, large corporations began contacting us to ask for advice on how they could make improvements to their own business. Meanwhile, we were helping hundreds of women find the roles they deserved, working for companies that valued their contribution.

Then, something even more amazing happened. Businesses who did not meet our criteria at first, began changing their workplaces for the better in order to advertise with WORK180. Before long we were working with major banks, government, telcos and multinationals, delivering fairness and equality to thousands of Australian women.

In 2018, WORK180 launched in the UK and there are other regions are being developed. The response so far has been overwhelming and, as we continue to grow, we're immensely proud of our business, our clients and the community of talented people who work tirelessly to improve workplace equality. If you're reading this, there's a good chance you're one of them. If so, thank you.

Gemma Lloyd

Co Founder, WORK180