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N-Powered Coaching Academy

Welcome to N-Powered Coaching Academy! We’re an unapologetically bold female-focused organization dedicated to providing women with relevant wellness, career and personal development resources and education to help women overcome social, cultural and physical barriers that prevent them from thriving in life.

Women development program with Laticia Action Jackson WORK180

Created by Fitness Olympian, 10 X Author, U.S.A.F. Veteran, Health & Fitness Expert and Dynamic Speaker, Laticia “Action” Jackson, our mission is to help women ignite their power-N.
We believe all women have the power with-N themselves to lead and build lives they are proud of. Therefore, we are committed to using our online programs, workshops, books and coaching services to help build a generation of N-powered women from the N-side out.

We offer our services both in-person and online

Personal Development Workshops

All women deserve the opportunity to build confidence, competence and leadership skills.

Our women's workshops provide women with the skill-sets needed to attract positive personal relationships, learn career and business tools and provide the "how" to create a new positive internal dialogue about themselves and their life.  

Through us, organizations who believe in the value of women can bring our online class and workshop, I am 1 n 3 to bring awareness, education and insight to domestic violence.

We will teach women how to leverage past hurt and perceived failures as fuel to re-create, re-establish and rejuvenate their life. We believe a shift in a woman's mindset is the catalyst to her lasting change. Book here 

Women with confidence workshop N-Powered Academy WORK180

N-PowerHER Forward (™) 

Companies who invest, support and provide personal and professional development for their female workforce have a higher chance of recruiting and retaining high quality female talent.  

As a female focused company we understand the importance of equipping women to thrive in the workforce and beyond. That is why we designed N-PowerHER Forward 8- week personal development program. Book here 

Why N-PowerHER Forward? 

This 8-week online program will provide women with relevant personal and professional development skill-sets needed to:

1). Build Resilience and Overcome Professional and Personal Barriers

2). Increase Confidence Through Competence and Continuous Learning

3). Learn How To Make Their Health and Wellness Their Best Business and Career Asset

4). Network and Build Beneficial and Purposeful Relationships

5). Speak Up in an Active Versus Passive Voice to Convey Their Influence and so much more… 

Healthy Balanced You (™)

It’s no secret, women around the world are tasked with attempting to manage work, business and community responsibilities. The result, millions of women are overworked, overwhelmed and often over-committed. This can lead to mental, physical and emotional burnout. 

That can lead to lost productivity, absenteeism and presenteeism in the workplace.

We understand the valuable role women play in the workforce and in life, that’s why we created Healthy Balanced You.

Healthy Balanced You is a 6-week fully developed wellness program designed to help working women around the world learn how to make their health their best career and business asset. Book here 

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