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The Camaraderie NYC

The Camaraderie is a purely positive and uplifting social group for young women living in New York City.

Professional Women network The Camaraderie WORK180
The Camaraderie offers a world of genuine friendship and fascinating, memorable experiences. Our priority is to provide an open space for women that is free of pressures and pretenses, among hustle and bustle of New York City. Become a member

We believe in adding value to our lives by seeking out fun and impactful experiences and making sure to include them in our everyday routines.

Professional women friendship network The Camaraderie WORK180

The prerequisites?

Just kindness. Enter, The Camaraderie NYC, a place where every woman is welcomed and spoiled. 

Fun is had, friendships are created and life is made a little bit more fabulous. 

Join us! Come as you are.

Professional women network The Camaraderie NYC WORK180

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